FuelCell Energy celebrates milestone

FuelCell Energy celebrates milestone

FuelCell Energy has achieved a significant energy output milestone by delivering more than ten million megawatt hours from its SureSource™ fuel cell power platforms globally since its first commercial installation.

The company’s SureSource™ plants are currently installed and operating on three continents, with many owned by utility companies and commercial and industries enterprises.

“Ten million megawatt hours is the culmination of five decades of innovation optimising the SureSource™ power platform,” said Jason Few, President and CEO of FuelCell Energy.

“Our fuel cell platform provides differentiated clean energy solutions to meet key utility, community, and commercial and industrial customer’s energy needs.”

“FuelCell Energy’s power platforms meet the energy needs of critical facilities such as hospitals, schools, and microgrids.”

“Our platforms are multi-fuel including zero-carbon solutions through the use of onsite biofuels. We are advancing the transition to a large-scale distributed energy infrastructure, with platforms that produces virtually no pollution.”

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