FuelCell Energy provides update on microgrid performances

FuelCell Energy provides update on microgrid performances

Fuel cell solutions company FuelCell Energy has released details on the performance of its SureSource™ fuel cells in providing microgrid solutions.

Microgrids have become a priority in the Northeast of the US and in California following extended power outages due to weather events and most recently with wildfire threats.

The need for microgrids to improve grid reliability is expected to see continued grow in its importance to deliver the benefits of always-on power.

The Connecticut-based company completed its first microgrid application back in 2004 to ensure reliable event power for the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts.

The temporary system showcased one of the company’s 250kW fuel cell power plants which was trailer mounted and operated in a microgrid in conjunction with engine generator sets to power media loads to deliver an uninterrupted DNC Convention.

FuelCell Energy’s SureSource microgrid solutions deliver energy security, economic benefits and also help deliver on the environmental goals of low carbon dioxide, near zero criteria pollutants, and the ability to site generation where it is needed given the small footprint and low noise of the complete line up of SureSource fuel cells.

In many instances, the fuel cell microgrids operate in a combined heat and power mode, delivering thermal energy benefits in addition to electricity generation, thus driving overall efficiencies up to 90%.

“When designed and implemented properly, microgrids capitalise on all the benefits of fuel cells for on-site energy applications,” said Ben Toby, Senior Vice-President of Direct Sales and Customer Service at FuelCell Energy.

“FuelCell Energy’s innovation in the development of fuel cell microgrids delivers all of the value streams of this cutting-edge technology to our customers, including resilient, reliable, cost-effective clean energy.”

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