“Game changing” valve to simplify transportation of hydrogen cylinders for UAV fleet operators

“Game changing” valve to simplify transportation of hydrogen cylinders for UAV fleet operators

A new “game changing” high-pressure, TPED and DoT rated valve will help transport full cylinders of hydrogen to power UAVs.

UK-based fuel cell engineering company Intelligent Energy today (9th Feb) unveiled its Pressure Tech CV414 valve to enhance the cylinder delivery service.

Without this valve the transportation of full, UAV compatible, hydrogen cylinders is not permitted, which has a significant impact on the time and cost required to complete an operation.

According to the company, the valve opens doors for many operational applications and service providers to realise the full potential of using fuel cell technology to power UAV fleets.

Andy Kelly, Head of UAV Product Development at Intelligent Energy, said, “This high-pressure valve has been developed by Pressure Tech specifically to requirements set out by Intelligent Energy and its customers.”

“We know our fuel cells are the ideal choice for UAV operators requiring longer flight time. However, it is important that we support with the peripherals required to get operational.”

“This valve is a key enabler and will make it simple for our customers to get their full cylinders where they need them and ready to use.”

Intelligent Energy is now looking at how it can further support customers by ensuring they have easy access to full hydrogen cylinders.

“Now full UAV compatible cylinders can be transported; the next logical step is to get them delivered directly to our customers,” Kelly added.

“We want it to be as straightforward as ordering barbecue gas and getting empty cylinders collected.”

The new valve is now available to order and is fully certified for use throughout Europe and the US.

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