Gaussin to utilise its hydrogen-powered heavy handling tractor at Terminal du Grand Ouest, France
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Gaussin to utilise its hydrogen-powered heavy handling tractor at Terminal du Grand Ouest, France

With hydrogen set to play a key role in decarbonising a variety of different sectors, Gaussin is set to revolutionise the mobility sector with the use of a hydrogen-powered heavy handling tractor.

The hydrogen-powered tractor will now be tested in a new partnership with Terminal du Grand Ouest (TGO) in Spring 2022 to showcase the potential of this new hydrogen solution as a zero-emission alternative to heavy material handling.

Being tested in the terminal near Saint-Nazaire, France, the company hopes that the 230kW, which consumes 10 kilos of hydrogen per day, will be exhibit the potential to be widely used for material handling.

Christophe Gaussin, CEO of Gaussin, said, “Through this partnership with TGO, in coordination with the NEOPOLIA network, Gaussin once again demonstrates its pioneering spirit and determination to decarbonise logistics activities.

“Our mastery of hydrogen technology will enable us to tow 75 tonnes of goods while consuming about 10 kg of hydrogen per day, for the first time in France. We are proud to carry out this test with TGO in this region, which is emblematic of French port activities, and we look forward to rapidly deploying this technology on a large scale.”

Olivier Hamelet, Technical Director of Terminal du Grand Ouest, said, “It is with great pride that we will be testing the first French hydrogen port tractor from Gaussin at the Terminal du Grand Ouest (TGO) next spring.

“This cooperation, made possible thanks to the NEOPOLIA network, will allow us to respond to public health issues and to strengthen our position in the energy transition. Thus, we hope to actively contribute to the development of hydrogen in the Pays de la Loire region.”

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