gAvilar joins H2@Home project for safe use of hydrogen in Dutch homes

gAvilar joins [email protected] project for safe use of hydrogen in Dutch homes

gAvilar will participate in a joint [email protected] project alongside Beutech, PIA Automation, Flamco and Het Internethuis to ensure safe use of hydrogen in the home.

The [email protected] project will see a variety of products undergo testing to ensure safe use the clean fuel inside Dutch houses.

gAvilar will contribute its certified domestic meter regulator equipped with extra functionality and fully geared to hydrogen innovation to the project, helping to encourage the deployment of hydrogen within the home.

The [email protected] project has received funding from the Dutch Government. Commenting on the capital, Pieter Klijs, Director of Operations at gAvillar, said, “This grant is an extra support to make this development possible.”

Following the launch of [email protected], it was announced that testing, inspection and certification company Kiwa, awarded gAvillar a Declaration of Performance certificate for the use of hydrogen in its gas meter brackets with integrated gas pipe connection.

The gas meter bracket by gAvillar met the 214-test requirement in order to receive the certificate. The brackets are now being used to fix gas meters in multiple homes.

gAvilar has already adapted several of its produces for the use of hydrogen and its meter bracket is the first to be successfully tested by Kiwa.

The company has also developed a hydrogen LP domestic regulator with integrated safety valve, activated through an external hydrogen sensor.

“We notice that there is a great deal of interest in the use of hydrogen in the built environment and we want to make sure that our products will contribute to its safe application,” Klijs concluded.

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