GenCell Energy unveils innovative hydrogen-fuelled back-up power solution

GenCell Energy unveils innovative hydrogen-fuelled back-up power solution

With severe climate-related weather incidents heavily affecting the power industry across the world, GenCell Energy has created a new, clean back-up power solution powered by hydrogen.

The Israeli-based company has released its new hydrogen-fuelled GenCell Backup Operations eXtender (BOX) to provide a clean solution to back up power particularly in telecom and critical communications operations.

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Recurring disasters have showcased the need for efficient back up power solutions and, with climate friendly solutions also key, the hydrogen fuelled solution rivals fossil fuelled variants.

The GenCell BOX is powered by an alkaline fuel cell that provides long-duration 5kW backup power which could prove indispensable in as disaster situation.

As well as this, the GenCell BOX is highly resilient to extreme environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and salinity, whilst also being compact in size, requiring almost no maintenance or servicing, and is completely green.

Rami Reshef, CEO GenCell, said, “Efforts to overcome climate crisis, minimise emissions and transition to renewables have become top of the agenda for public agencies and private enterprises alike.

“With the presidential administration and Department of Energy committed to expanding the US hydrogen economy, we are proud that our new GenCell BOX solution brings the critical communications community a fuel cell solution that has been designed to meet all their specific requirements.”

The GenCell BOX is also set to be launched at the impending IWCE 2021.

Frank Wolak, President & Executive Director, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA), said, “The FCHEA is glad to see our member GenCell Energy exhibiting at IWCE 2021.

“Telecom operators are increasing their efforts to minimise climate impact on their networks, take advantage of incentives and comply with environmental regulations by improving energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy resources, and fuel cells will be a key component in these endeavours.

“As the demand for fuel cells to provide US telecom providers with resilient backup power and strengthen the critical communications infrastructure is strong and growing, we believe that the GenCell BOX will provide value while creating jobs and supporting the transition to a clean energy future.”

GenCell fuel cells powering mission-critical projects in the Middle East

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In a world suffering from the increasingly grave impact of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, much of which result from the combustion of fossil fuels, GenCell Energy is working around the clock to develop innovative alkaline fuel cell solutions that offer affordable, clean back-up and off-grid power for humanity to render diesel generators obsolete.

Leveraging ultra-reliable technology that powers spacecrafts, but with patented innovations that have dramatically reduced their costs to make them affordable for mainstream applications, GenCell’s fuel cell offering delivers long-duration, minimal maintenance back-up power for mission-critical applications at utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industry facilities.

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