GenCell introduces its A5 fuel cell

GenCell introduces its A5 fuel cell

GenCell, a fuel cell manufacturer which offers clean power, has launched a video exploring its A5 fuel cell, a fuel cell which generates hydrogen from liquid ammonia.

The A5 is made up for four components: the ammonia cracker, the 4kW fuel cell generator, the energy bridge, and the heat utilisation unit.

The off-grid power solution provides green fuel energy with easily accessible anhydrous ammonia (ammonia containing no water).

The fuel cell creates hydrogen-on-demand for use by its hydrogen fuel cell generators. A single 12 tonne tank of ammonia provides enough fuel for a year of 24/7 operation.

Hydrogen fuel cells offer a reliable source of green power which enable telecoms, utilities, businesses and governments to deploy services in areas with poor or no grid supply.

GenCell recognises that the lack of infrastructure for distributing hydrogen means fuel cells are expensive. The A5 fuel cell overcomes this issue by creating hydrogen from ammonia.

The video, titled ‘Ammonia: The next big thing in energy production’, explores the benefits of the A5 fuel cell and its applications.

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