GenComm supports Irish hydrogen goals

GenComm supports Irish hydrogen goals

GenComm, a member of Hydrogen Mobility Ireland, has welcomed Ireland’s goals for hydrogen mobility highlighted in the recently released report ‘A Hydrogen Roadmap for Irish Transport 2020-2030.’

Hydrogen Mobility Ireland releases roadmap

GenComm Project Manager, Paul McCormack, showed his support at the launch of the report, “The GenComm project welcomes the launch of the Hydrogen Mobility Strategy for Ireland,” McCormack commented.

“Decarbonising transport fuels and the electricity supply are prime requirements under the Paris agreement.”

“As Ireland plans and develops a successful energy transition away from fossil fuels and towards the widespread use of secure renewable energy supply it will require the exploitation and implementation of existing and new technology with industry stakeholders/customers having commercial confidence in them.”

“This strategy forms the building blocks of this confidence required by the market and illustrates how hydrogen can be part of the future green energy mix for Ireland.”

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The Gencomm project led by Belfast Met aims to develop three pilot facilities fuelled by solar power in Germany, wind power in Northern Ireland, and bioenergy in Scotland, to produce and store hydrogen.

The hydrogen produced from the plants will be used to generate heat, power and transport fuel for the respective communities in Germany, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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