Green hydrogen for renewable products refinery in Rotterdam

Green hydrogen for renewable products refinery in Rotterdam

A newly formed consortium will build the “world’s first” multi-megawatt scale high-temperature electrolyser for hydrogen production in Rotterdam.

Renewable products specialist Neste, French public research organisation CEA, plant builder Paul Wurth, the energy utility ENGIE and cleantech company Sunfire, are all part of the MULTIPLHY project which was announced yesterday.

MULTIPLHY marks the first demonstration of a high-temperature electrolyser in an industrial refining process with a nominal power input of 2.6MW and a hydrogen production capacity of 60kg/h.

The group hopes that by the end of 2024, the electrolyser would have been in operation for approximately 16,000 hours, producing a total of around 960 tonnes of green hydrogen.

“This project shows the great progress being made in bringing our green hydrogen production technologies to the next level and paving the readiness for a further scale up to 100MW,” said Nils Aldag, Managing Director at Sunfire.

“Our involvement in the MULTIPLHY project as an important part of our strategy for the transformation of the industry towards zero carbon emissions, especially as hydrogen is considered the reducing agent of the future in the world of ironmaking,” said Georges Rasse, CEO of Paul Wurth.

Together, the group will install, integrate and operate the electrolyser system which is part of the EU Horizon 2020 FCH-JU programme with €6.9m of funding.

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