Green Hydrogen Visions for the West Conference: Accelerating multi-sectoral progress

Green Hydrogen Visions for the West Conference: Accelerating multi-sectoral progress

How to identify and build momentum for additional multisectoral green hydrogen infrastructure projects was a key focus this morning for the virtual Green Hydrogen Visions for the West Conference.

After an informative morning on keynote sessions, heads turned to a packed roundtable discussion consisting of 16 individuals who discussed what green hydrogen opportunities exist in the western US and how the Green Hydrogen Coalition can accelerate multi-sectoral progress moving forward.

Chairing the roundtable was Janice Lin, GHC’s Founder and President. Kicking off the session she said, “The next step in our development is to strategically aggregate multiple off takers across sectors, to strategically scale production.”

Detailing three key points that she hoped the session would address, Lin identified the following:

  1. What aggregated near-term multisectoral offtake opportunities are possible in the western US?
  2. What will it take to achieve this?
  3. What are the projects that we should be prioritising?
  4. How can the Green Hydrogen Coalition accelerate progress going forward?

Roundtable participants from across the power, mining, transport fuel and power and gas sectors all chipped in to help answer those questions presented by Lin, detailing efforts in each of their sectors.

Kicking off the roundtable was Adam Forni, Program Manager of Clean Energy Tech at Google.

“For Google, it starts with electricity demand,” he said. “About 12.2 TW hours was the power globally across our data centres in 2019, the most recent public info.”

“We expect that number to undergo significant growth to help service our customers and fuel growth in the cloud space. And so, to ensure that this power is increasingly green, we really have multiple decades of sustainability initiatives, including a 100% match of renewables since 2017.”

“I think that the important link to hydrogen is this new goal, which was announced by our CEO in September to achieve 24/7 carbon free energy by 2030. The basics there is that instead of pooling our renewable generation on an annual and global basis, the plan is to match our carbon free production to demand in every grade for every hour.”

“As a major off-taker in various renewables, we’re interested in all options available to really help integrate those green electrons in an increasingly renewables grid, and we see hydrogen as a key medium into the future that can serve as a storage medium for those carbon-free energy goals, as well as a link to other sectors.”

“Secondly, as a data centre operator, our first mandate is for safe and reliable power to help serve our customers. We’re pushing forward to ensure that this power is coming from clean sources, so hydrogen can play a role there too.”

“Thirdly, as a provider of digital services and I think there is interest to deploy digital tools in this growing space and I think there is a lot of interesting opportunities there.”

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