Green Hydrogen Visions for the West Conference: Lessons learned from Europe

Green Hydrogen Visions for the West Conference: Lessons learned from Europe

Collaborate, innovate and accelerate was a reoccurring message throughout day one of the Green Hydrogen Visions for the West Virtual Conference.

A unique and special roundtable continued with this theme, and focused on identifying regional collaboration pathways and workstreams to accelerate green hydrogen infrastructure development in the Western US.

In borrowing lessons learned from Europe, thirteen roundtable participants were asked how can states collaborate on green hydrogen for greatest efficiency and impact?

Setting the virtual stage for the session was Thierry Lepercq, founder of Soladvent, a global pioneer for green hydrogen, who gave insight into the European picture.

“There is a revolution underway in Europe which started about six months ago. That revolution is basically the transformation of hydrogen from a sideshow to the very basis for the European Green Deal, which is a very bold objective,” Lepercq said.

“It was set out a few months ago and is carbon neutrality for 450 million people. That is a very, very bold commitment and hydrogen has been identified by the European Commission as the cornerstone to achieve that goal.”

“A European hydrogen plan has been launched with an objective of 10 million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030.”

“What we have today is a very interesting thing. It’s something driven by industry. It’s not just trying to gratify the production of energy; it is to gratify the whole economy.”

“What we have today is a combination of major players coming in from power generation, from chemicals with the objective of changing their business models.”

Lepercq said it is important to recognise that you don’t develop mass scale hydrogen without having infrastructure in place and transmission of storage.

“You don’t have a hydrogen economy if you don’t have transmission of storage,” he continued.

“What we have today is the launch of the European Hydrogen Backbone. And that is 11 TSOs getting together with a very simple and bold objective, which is to make hydrogen available across Europe.”

“Today you have 140GW of coal fired plants which need to be disused in Europe in the next 15 years.”

“A number of the power producers are planning to move from coal not to natural gas but to hydrogen, just like the IPP project in Utah that was presented earlier.”

“This is basically transforming lead into gold, we’re talking about providing baseload power.”

H2 View’s coverage of the Green Hydrogen Visions for the West Virtual Conference will continue tomorrow.

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