Grimsby, UK selected for ‘marinised’ hydrogen development
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Grimsby, UK selected for ‘marinised’ hydrogen development

Grimsby, UK has been selected for a new megawatt-scale “marinised” electrolyser project.

ITM Power, Ørsted, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Element Energy have all joined forces on the port town development that will look to combine an offshore wind turbine directly with an electrolyser and transport renewable energy to shore.

Project partners said the electrolyser system will be compact to allow for easy integration into a single offshore wind turbine. The electrolyser will also integrate desalination and water treatment processes so it can use seawater as a feedstock for electrolysis.

ITM will develop the electrolyser system and carry out the electrolyser trials.

On the plans, Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, said, “Renewable hydrogen is the cleanest fuel available to us today. Utilising offshore wind energy, and generating renewable hydrogen using water in the process of electrolysis, offers a route to be able to decarbonise the entire energy system. “

A 100% FCH JU-funded project, the development will make use of Grimsby’s withstanding renewable energy sources. Ørsted is already developing what it believes to be the world’s largest wind farm in the area, which is set to be operational in 2022.

Utilising its wind farm expertise, Ørsted will lead the offshore deployment analysis, the feasibility study of future offshore developments and support ITM in the design and testing of the electrolyser system.

Duncan Clark, Head of UK Region for Ørsted, added, “The combination of offshore wind and renewable hydrogen production holds game-changing potential to decarbonise otherwise hard to abate sectors, and as the largest offshore wind company in the world, we are exploring offshore hydrogen production as a future, supplemental way of getting large amounts of renewable energy, generated from plentiful offshore wind, to where it is needed.”

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Element Energy are providing technical and project management expertise.

Michael Dolman, Partner at Element Energy, concluded, “Since supporting the formation of the OYSTER project, we’ve seen a growing number of projects planning offshore hydrogen production and increasing interest in this area from a wide range of stakeholders.

“With the selection of a location for the demonstrator, OYSTER is progressing well and will play a valuable role in advancing electrolysis technology for offshore applications.”

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