H-Tec Systems builds Germany hydrogen workforce
H-Tec Systems builds Germany hydrogen workforce

H-Tec Systems builds Germany hydrogen workforce

Three young adults have started their vocational training at H-Tec Systems in Augsburg, as efforts to develop the hydrogen economy step up across the globe amid tightening decarbonisation and net zero targets.

The company offers training in the field of mechatronics and technical product design, enabling young professionals to gain skills and qualifications in the fast-growing segment of renewable energies and future technologies. Training capacities at H-Tec Systems will be expanded in future.

Larissa Schultze, Training Supervisor, said, “This year, for the first time, we are welcoming three new trainees … and are looking forward to successfully accompanying and supporting them in the coming years as they make a start in their professional lives. In cooperation with MAN Energy Solutions, we have developed a training concept that prepares our young professionals for the innovative work environment in the best possible way.”

The technical trainees spend their first 18 months in the MAN Training Center where they learn the basics of technical training.

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