H-TEC Systems unveils 10megawatt PEM electrolyser

H-TEC Systems unveils 10megawatt PEM electrolyser

H-TEC Systems, a German hydrogen technology manufacturer, will showcase its 10megawatt PEM electrolyser, an expanded portfolio product for the future, at HUSUM Wind 2019.

The company’s Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyser will be showcased amongst H-TEC Systems’ already market-ready PEM electrolysers in the one-megawatt class for decentralised applications.

“The 10megawatt PEM electrolyser will be able to produce 4,500 kilograms of hydrogen per day,” said Heinrich Gärtner, CEO of H-TEC Systems.

“That is enough hydrogen to power, for example, around 900 cars of 50 buses or even 50 trains with fuel cell drive – based on today’s fuel cell consumption values.”

“Here we are talking about climate-neutral hydrogen efficiently produced from renewable energies such as wind. The market potential of green hydrogen as a fuel for the transport sector simply keeps on growing.”

H-TEC Systems recognises a trend towards multi-megawatt systems and says that real-life laboratories in Germany are proof of this.

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