H2 Energy joins the Hydrogen Global community

H2 Energy joins the Hydrogen Global community

Switzerland-based H2 Energy has joined the Hydrogen Global community, marking the community’s first 2020 addition.

H2 Energy is involved in several joint ventures to advance the deployment of clean hydrogen vehicles and related support infrastructure in Europe.

Exclusive interview with Patrick Huber, CEO of H2 Energy

The company’s efforts include the Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM), a joint venture between Hyundai Motors Company and H2 Energy, which aims to market, distribute, service and maintain Hyundai’s eco-friendly commercial vehicles about five tonnes in Europe.

The first step of the endeavour will see HHM roll out 1600 fuel cell trucks to Switzerland by 2025 and another 500 to Norway by 2022. The roll-out to additional counties in Europe is currently being assessed and business models are being developed.

First look at Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility truck

Hydrogen Global was launched in November 2019 by the World Energy Council to facilitate the exchange insights and promote the deployment of clean hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels.

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