H2Haul launches new website

H2Haul launches new website

A project aiming to deploy 16 zero emission hydrogen fuel cell trucks at four sites in Europe has today unveiled a new website.

H2Haul will demonstrate that large fuel cell trucks can carry freight in long-haul traffic with driving ranges, refuelling times and load capacities comparable to diesel lorries.

Set to run for five years in total, the project started last year with the aim of testing 16 heavy goods vehicles in real world operations at sites in Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland.

The trucks are being operated by a German logistics company for the BMW Group, Coop, Colruyt Group, Carrefour and Air Liquide.

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Hydrogen stations will be deployed or upgraded in these areas to offer rapid, high capacity fuelling, demonstrating fuel cell trucks can operate as direct replacements for diesel vehicles, but with zero emissions.

H2Haul’s new website features updates on the project and fuel cell trucks, information on EU legislation and upcoming events and conferences.

Check out the new website here.

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