H2Pro and Gaia Energy partner to develop gigawatt-scale green hydrogen project in Morocco

Israeli company H2Pro and Moroccan renewable energy developer Gaia Energy have signed an agreement to co-develop a gigawatt-scale green hydrogen project.

Under the agreement, Gaia will use a range of 10-20 MW-scale H2Pro electrolyzer technology for a demo project in Morocco, while exploring in parallel the use of H2Pro technology in a gigawatt-scale system currently being developed by Gaia within the Kingdom.

Moundir Zniber, CEO of Gaia Energy, said Morocco and the MENA region are poised to “lead the world” in the clean energy transition by making use of its abundance of renewable resources by developing a green hydrogen hub. The agreement was signed during COP27.

Talmon Marco, CEO of H2Pro, said climate change is the greatest challenge facing our generation, and it can only be solved by reaching across borders with seamless coordination between the private and public sector.

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