H2Scan increases production

H2Scan increases production

Californian hydrogen sensors and technologies company H2Scan has said it is increasing the availability of its hydrogen sensor package, the Gen5 System.

H2Scan today said it is increasing the production capacity of the system to accommodate the increased demand worldwide as utilities choose real-time monitoring due to the decreased availability of personnel taking DGA samples due to coronavirus.

The Gen5 System is based on H2Scan’s application specific integrated circuit technology that makes it small enough and cost effective enough to be used for distribution transformers. The system enables real-time hydrogen monitoring for reduced explosion and catastrophic risk and is well suited for use in distribution transformer applications.

The sensor system works with oil immersed transformers and offers real-time, or step-change monitoring to report hydrogen levels as they fluctuate. Its high accuracy sensor head can track hydrogen levels in the transformer oil from 25 ppm to 5,000 ppm at oil temperatures up to 105°C.

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every industry around the world, the Gen5 System is a game changer for utilities wanting to eliminate manual sampling and substation visits by its maintenance crew and have real time measurements,” said Bharat Vats, H2scan’s Chief Growth Officer.

“Given its lower cost – several thousands of dollars less than other systems – the Gen5 System is ideal for utilities to use to retrofit their entire infrastructure.”

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