H2V Normandy announces green hydrogen project

H2V Normandy announces green hydrogen project

H2V Normandy has announced a project which will see the deployment of a green hydrogen production unit, featuring electrolysis technology, in Saint-Jean-de-Folleville.

The project will create green hydrogen, from a production plant, using certified renewable electricity located in the industrial zone of Port-Jérôme at the H2V Normandy project site.

The plant will feature two hydrogen production units which will showcase 26 electrolysers. Each plant will produce an average 14,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year.

The H2V Normandy plant will be connected to the transmission grid with a new Electricity Transmission Network (RTE) substation connected to the existing high-voltage grid.

In the process of electrolysis, oxygen and hydrogen are separated and the hydrogen is then purified, creating ‘green’ hydrogen.

The green hydrogen produced will be injected to the Port-Jérôme hydrogen distribution network. Local manufacturers will use the hydrogen which was also help them to reduce their carbon footprint

The new project will help to set up the French hydrogen industry and create approximately 70 direct jobs. On top of the project, as a whole, H2V Normandy could present up to 12,000 sustainable jobs.

Meetings regarding the project will take place throughout September and October.

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