Hanwha Aerospace to explore hydrogen fuel cells for UAM transportation

Hanwha Aerospace to explore hydrogen fuel cells for UAM transportation

Korean-based Hanwha Aerospace unveiled on Monday (Jan 3) its intention to develop a new hydrogen fuel cell system that will be utilised within the aviation industry for zero-carbon flight.

The hydrogen fuel cell system will be used within the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry which could provide a solution to the next generation of transportation whilst additionally having a low carbon footprint.

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The project is estimated to cost Hanwha 21bn won ($17bn) over a period of four years as the company aims to secure core technologies for hydrogen fuel cells for the aviation sector by 2025.

This will continue to both enhance the hydrogen market not only within Korea but globally by providing an innovative solution for the transportation market of tomorrow.

Hydrogen fuel cells provide a great alternative power source for the aviation industry, particularly in the UAM sector as the fuel cells provide greater energy whilst also being lighter – key for any air mobility solution.

An official from Hanwha Aerospace said, “Through the success of this project, we will secure core technology for the UAM electric propulsion system and expand our business to electric propulsion systems for small and medium-sized aircraft in the long term.”

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