Haskel recommissions two hydrogen stations in France

Haskel recommissions two hydrogen stations in France

High pressure pump and valve manufacturer Haskel has decommissioned, relocated and recommissioned two hydrogen refuelling stations in France.

The first decommissioned station was Haskel’s French postal service station located in Luxeuil, one of the company’s earlier hydrogen refuelling stations. The station was recommissioned in Grand Dole, marking the first hydrogen fuel station in the region.

Commenting on the move, Stewart Anderson, Engineering Manager at Haskel Europe, said, “This was a great opportunity to give one of our original hydrogen refuelling stations a new lease on life and, as Haskel is the OEM of the majority of the components within the system, it means we were perfectly positioned to be able to complete this project safely, on schedule and within budget.”

The second move saw Haskel successfully commission a fuelling station in Nantes, France. Station operator Semitan launched a shared hydrogen production and distribution station called MuLTHy, which was installed in the technical centre of Boulevard Marcel-Paul in Saint-Herblain.

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The electrolyser-fed installation has the capacity for fuelling over 50 vehicles per day. The hydraulic drive used in the station was launched in 2017. Since then, over 120 units have been installed globally.

Haskel designed and constructed the station to include a multi pass cooler that maintains the efficiency of the H-Drive, providing cost effective refuelling with IR communication.

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