Heliogen, Bloom Energy hydrogen demonstration project results could be key to accelerating hydrogen adoption

Heliogen, Bloom Energy hydrogen demonstration project results could be key to accelerating hydrogen adoption

By using both Heliogen and Bloom Energy technology, the companies have revealed today (Nov 16) following a demonstration project that it can produce low-cost green hydrogen for the market.

This could prove pivotal in providing cost-competitive green hydrogen for wider international and domestic markets.

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When pairing Heliogen’s AI-enabled concentrated solar energy system with Bloom Energy’s proprietary solid oxide, high-temperature electrolyser system, hydrogen can be produced

45% more efficiently than low-temperature PEM and alkaline electrolyser.

The successful demonstration project conducted is regarded as an important step forward towards replacing fossil-derived fuels with green hydrogen in commercial and industrial applications.

The companies have also said that the integration of Heliogen and Bloom Energy is a significant milestone for the hydrogen economy, as it is expected to unlock a future of economically viable green hydrogen production on par with hydrogen produced from photovoltaic solar generation.

Bill Gross, founder and CEO of Heliogen, said, “Our demonstration project with Bloom Energy represents a significant leap toward full commercial-scale green hydrogen production, which will play an important role in decarbonising heavy industry.

“Following this successful integration of Heliogen’s near-24/7 solar steam generation with the Bloom Electrolyser, we expect that commercial projects will use Heliogen technology to supply their electric power as well, providing 100% of the thermal and electrical energy required to produce green hydrogen.”

Venkat Venkataraman, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer at Bloom Energy, said, “This integration with Heliogen underscores the value that strategic collaborations and industry-leading innovation can bring to driving change and making positive impacts for our climate.

“With a focus on providing highly efficient and low-cost green hydrogen at scale, we will be a leader in low-cost hydrogen.”

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