Hesse: Companies collaborate to make region leading hydrogen hub

Hesse: Companies collaborate to make region leading hydrogen hub

With the recent hydrogen strategies of both Germany and Europe looking to turn hydrogen into the energy system of tomorrow, seven leading companies in Hesse, Germany have joined together to help the state government turn the area into a leading location for hydrogen.

The zero-emission fuel source of tomorrow could replace the immediate infrastructure in the area with hydrogen helping to substitute fossil fuels in several sectors including electricity, heating, industry and transportation. This would achieve the long-term goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

The partners include Heraeus Precious Metals, Infraserv, Höchst, Mainova, Messer Group, Opel Automobile, Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund and Viessmann Deutschland.

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The group has identified four key areas which are believed to be key to the establishment of a hydrogen network in the area.

Firstly, the supply of hydrogen is set to be produced in Hesse. The second factor is the distribution of hydrogen through the use of existing transportation and distribution networks.

Third is the cross-sector use of hydrogen in all possible areas and lastly, the expansion of research and development related to hydrogen.

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The cooperating companies are considering two key factors when implementing the specific design of the hydrogen strategy.

One factor is to favour a technology-neutral approach to producing the fuel until a green hydrogen economy has been achieved, with the group looking to exploit the climate protection potential of blue and turquoise hydrogen.

At the same time, the partners see hydrogen as indispensable over the long term, not only for industry and transportation, but also for the grid-based energy industry and the buildings sector.

Stefan Messer, owner and CEO of Messer Group, said, “We are focused on developing technologies that make our customers’ production processes more efficient and eco-friendlier. That also includes green hydrogen.”

“Our company, the world’s largest privately-run industrial gases specialist, is headquartered in Hesse, so it’s only natural for us to actively support the state on the road to climate neutrality.”

The establishment of a hydrogen economy is theorised to help bring tremendous growth to the region allowing for further investment and growth for Hesse’s economy.

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