Hexagon, Nikola set to develop hydrogen cylinders for serial production

Hexagon, Nikola set to develop hydrogen cylinders for serial production

Hexagon Purus has signed a new agreement with Nikola Corporation, a leader in zero-emission transportation and infrastructure solutions, to develop and supply its high-performance type four hydrogen cylinders for serial production.

With the project’s development phase set to commence in Q2 of 2021, the technology is expected to be certified for distribution in both European and North American markets.

The scope of the long-term agreement between the two companies is over a multi-year period with an estimated sales value in the excess of €200m ($242m).

In addition to this, the agreement also positions Hexagon Purus for potential further hydrogen related projects within a range of trucks and other vehicle applications with Nikola.

Michael Kleschinski, Executive Vice President of Light Duty, Distribution and Cylinders at Hexagon Purus, said “We are proud to partner with Nikola and support the delivery of its flagship hydrogen fuel cell trucking solution.

“Putting these hydrogen-powered trucks on the road will accelerate the energy transition in heavy-duty transportation.”

“The first Hexagon Purus 700 bar hydrogen cylinders will begin testing and validation later this year in accordance with Nikola’s specifications.”

Morten Holum, CEO of Hexagon Purus, said, “To drive the hydrogen economy forward and accelerate the journey towards net zero, we need to get hydrogen-powered zero emission vehicles out on the road.

“Most of the focus on emissions reductions in the automotive industry so far has been on passenger vehicles, which is important because there are so many of them.

Morten Holum, Hexagon Purus CEO

He continued, “But we also need to address the heavy-duty vehicle segment – they make up a small percentage of the total number of vehicles on the road but are responsible for a disproportional share of the total emissions from transportation.

“Nikola targets to be the first vehicle OEM to put hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks out on the road in meaningful numbers, and we are of course excited to be part of that.

“Hexagon Purus is a world leading provider of Type 4 high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinders, and we are very happy to partner with Nikola and help drive the energy transition forward towards the net zero society.”

Nikola Motor: A passion for zero emission

© Nikola

Founded in 2015 in Utah, Nikola Motor is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about vehicle manufacturers in North America and across the globe.

With a product portfolio that aims to vastly reduce carbon emissions, mainly in the truck and offroad transportation sector, Nikola’s focus on hydrogen fuel cell and battery innovations is ahead of the game, grasping the interest of many.

Today, as a large amount of zero emission vehicle news floods headlines, a lot of news in the states refers to Nikola Motor’s fuel cell innovations, especially as orders for its Badger electric-hydrogen pickup truck continue to flood in and the interest for the company’s other vehicles continue to grow.

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