Highlights from the World Hydrogen Fuels Summit

Highlights from the World Hydrogen Fuels Summit

More than 100 senior government and industry leaders joined 30 speakers, seven sponsoring companies and 15 supporting associations to discuss the challenges of hydrogen deployment and agree on a roadmap towards the implementation of a hydrogen economy earlier this month at the World Hydrogen Fuels Summit.

Produced by the Sustainable Energy Council with the support from Hydrogen Europe, the two-day summit aimed to advance the discussions across the hydrogen and energy value chain, while driving international and cross-sector collaboration by highlighting successful case studies and promoting solutions to the key barriers of deployment.

Highlights from the summit included:

  • Presentations from some of the ‘hydrogen movers of tomorrow’ including Noe Van Holst, Joao Galamba, Christian Weinberger, as well as talks from governments and the European Commission about how they see the future of hydrogen shaping our societies
  • Insightful networking with great connections across the sector made
  • A handful of passioniate speakers participated via live-feed or video presentations, including David Turk from the International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • Diverse representation from across the value chain that reached a consensus on the immediate measures to prioritise including more cost-cutting of electrolysers and continued policy-making favouring hydrogen infrastructure
  • New announcements for projects in the Netherlands, Portugal and Japan, as well as the summit coinciding with early talks on the EU’s Green Deal commitment to hydrogen deployment.

Watch more highlights from the summit below.

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