Hydrogen a key development area for Mahle

Hydrogen a key development area for Mahle

Mahle has begun to install hydrogen testing equipment at its headquarters in Stuttgart as the German technology group pushes ahead with future technologies.

Hydrogen applications are a key development area as Mahle further strengthens its research and development activities by expanding its global competence centres, including those in Germany and China.

“Viewed from an international perspective, there will not be one single powertrain of the future. That’s why Mahle is continuing to follow its dual strategy: electrification, development of the fuel cell and the use of hydrogen and alternative fuels in an intelligently electrified combustion engine,” said Dr. Jörg Stratmann, Chairman of the Mahle Management Board and CEO at a press conference today (16th Oct).

“At the moment, the change in powertrain technologies is driven primarily by political objectives. The current one-dimensional debate focused on a single drive is not productive. We want a dialog that has a basis in technology.”

Mahle said it sees the use of hydrogen as key when it comes to shaping carbon-neutral mobility – both in fuel cell technology and in the combustion engine.

Through policy initiatives and a highly diverse range of collaboration agreements in the industrial sector, the group is working hard to accelerate the establishment of these technologies.

At Mahle, research and development activities relating to hydrogen are pooled in a project house.

At today’s press conference, Mahle’s Head of Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering, Dr. Martin Berger, presented a current project involving a type IV hydrogen tank.

The design consists of a liner made of plastic and an outer casing made of carbon fiber.

Mahle is working on the development of a new production process for this tank that will increase its hydrogen storage density and make it cheaper at the same time.

The group is also installing hydrogen infrastructure to test fuel cells and hydrogen-powered combustion engines.

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