Hydrogen a key element in energy transition, says German minister

Hydrogen a key element in energy transition, says German minister

Hydrogen will become a key element in the energy transition process, says the Economics Minister for the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Prof. Andreas Pinkwart made the comment whilst visiting hydrogen storage equipment manufacturer NPROXX, as part of his round trip through the Rhineland area, and seeing first-hand the latest developments in the technology.

NPROXX Managing Director Reinhard Hinterreither demonstrated the company’s work with, explaining how NPROXX specialises in the development and manufacture of innovative carbon fibre pressure vessels for the storage of hydrogen.

Commenting on the importance of hydrogen in renewable energy markets, Pinkwart said, “Hydrogen, which is produced from renewable electricity is suitable as a climate-friendly, import-independent and universal energy source for all sectors, including industrial applications, and as a storage medium. It will therefore become a key element in the energy transition process.”

“The storage and production of hydrogen as a fuel here will also create new added value and employment in the Rhineland district and beyond.”

“NPROXX is exploring new and innovative ways to do this by manufacturing carbon fibre hydrogen tanks and providing storage for the emerging hydrogen economy.”

NPROXX said it offers the emerging hydrogen economy its indispensable key piece: the storage.

The company manufactures high-quality tanks for hydrogen-powered vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, commercial vehicles, trains and ships.

NPROXX also supplies storage solutions for hydrogen infrastructure: stationary storage, transport solutions and hydrogen filling stations.

“NPROXX technology plays a key part in creating clean, sustainable, emission-free transport solutions using hydrogen,” said Reinhard Hinterreither.

“The benefits to the population are clear: a reduction in excessive pollutant emissions in cities, and an overall reduction in CO2 emissions worldwide. The future of emission-free transport is here, and the suitability of hydrogen is clear.”

Image copyright – MWIDE NRW/R.Sondermann

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