Hydrogen and Alternative Low Emission Fuels Seminar starts next week

Hydrogen and Alternative Low Emission Fuels Seminar starts next week

Hydrogen and low emission fuels for both businesses and the public sector will be the topic of conversation at the Hydrogen and Alternative Low Emission Fuels Seminar in Belfast next week.

Providing information on a range of zero carbon and low emission sources of fuel, the event will provide businesses the opportunity to learn about the benefits of Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs)

Mark Welsh, Energy Services Manager at Energia will speak at the event, highlighting the company’s green hydrogen journey and sharing news on its hydrogen-refuelling station which is due to open in 2020.

“We are delighted to be contributing to this important workshop which is designed to show the benefits of clean renewable hydrogen and will give attendees an understanding into the delivery and fuelling process that ensures all equipment operates reliably and safely,” said Welsh.

GenComm Programme Manager Paul McCormack will also discuss the GenComm project, a Belfast Met led renewable hydrogen project, and how it’s has become a catalyst for renewables across Europe.

“Fuel cell electric vehicles are powered by hydrogen and are more efficient than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles,” McCormack said.

“Emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles include nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and particulates. These are a major source of air pollution. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles emit none of these harmful substances, emitting only water vapour and warm air.”

“As such, hydrogen is our real option for diversifying our transportation energy options, whilst at the same time reducing pollution.”

The event will also host an opportunity for attendees to learn about Belfast’s first hydrogen double-decker bus and compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas refuelling for transport.

The Hydrogen and Alternative Low-Emission Fuel Seminar will take place at Belfast Metropolitan College on 28th November (2019).

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