Hydrogen and EV vehicle rally hits Swansea

Hydrogen and EV vehicle rally hits Swansea

The Green Dragon EV Rally & Show, a Swansea-based event showcasing hydrogen-powered and electric vehicles will take place on 24th August (2019).

The event, which has received interest from dealers, manufacturers and the electric leisure and component sectors, is the first combined hydrogen and electric vehicle rally to take place in the UK.

“The show provides something for everyone and endorses Swansea City Council’s objective of becoming the leading environmentally-focused city in Wales if not throughout the UK,” said Promotor Peter Hughes.

The event will be the first-time hydrogen-powered vehicles will feature on road tour. The Toyota Mirari, the new Hyundai Nexo, and the locally designed and manufactured RiverSimple will all take part.

Participants in the tour event will follow a scheduled route on public roads around the Gower Peninsula and will stop for a series of auto tests at Swansea airport.

The winner of the auto test will be the first to win the Sir William Robert Grove Trophy, which honours the Swansea-born Victorian scientist who is considered to be the father of the fuel cell.

The event hopes to become an annual feature.

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