Hydrogen energy – an exciting vision of the future

Hydrogen energy – an exciting vision of the future

Turn the clock back a decade, and a very different mindset existed where the idea of a hydrogen economy was concerned. It was certainly a shiny new concept, it promised a bold and brave new world away from the shackles of a fossil fuel-based society. It was a blue-chip dream for a world waking up to its need for green tech systems.

Ten years ago, it felt as though the notion of a hydrogen economy was losing ground to the hybrid engines that were changing the face of the automotive sector. The intent was there, the best efforts of various multinationals was there, and the technology was fast-progressing – but there appeared a lag in wider confidence or conviction.

Today, however, there is conviction and realisation. The time is now for a hydrogen economy which has moved far beyond its original aim or definition, with mobility now allied with power and the whole hydrogen supply chain in driving this forward. There exists a credence and a gravitas now in the hydrogen economy, it’s palpable, and that’s why it has accelerated so far beyond words and wishful thinking.

We’re firmly moving beyond the chicken and egg conundrum that dogged hydrogen mobility for so long. Progress is in evidence. But where is the mass message about this transformation? Where is the hydrogen case being fought and won in the public domain? Part of the problem in the past has been the public perception when it comes to hydrogen as an energy vector. We now need to win over the masses and instil confidence and conviction.

With the launch of H2 View, we have a dedicated hydrogen publication to press home this progression, to champion the challenges and opportunities it faces, and the exciting vision of the future.

Our aim is to keep you at the forefront of the latest developments in hydrogen energy applications and technologies as they evolve, and we hope you’ll become stakeholders with us in this mission, as subscribers, advertisers, contributors and advocates of this clean technology revolution.

Many believe in the role that hydrogen has to play in decarbonising major sectors of the economy and the future energy transition as a whole, such are its characteristics as a versatile, clean, and safe energy carrier.

Hydrogen is versatile in its application; it can be used as fuel for power or mobility, or in industry as a feedstock, and can be combusted or used in fuel cells to generate heat and electricity. Hydrogen is also versatile in its production and supply; it can be produced from (renewable) electricity and from carbon-abated fossil fuels, and can be stored and transported at high energy density in liquid or gaseous form. And its end product is inherently clean; hydrogen produces zero emissions at the point of use.

All of which means the hydrogen economy continues to evolve at a rapid rate and is fast gaining the credibility to match. Built around three core pillars of Mobility, Power and Technology that we believe underpin the expanding notion of a ‘hydrogen economy’, H2 View aims to enhance the visibility around these applications and solutions, and provide the platform for further discussion and debate.

We will be an advocate for the important role of hydrogen technologies, and we will build the narrative around this important transition together.

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