Hydrogen fuelled option for gas turbines

Hydrogen fuelled option for gas turbines

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and Regensburger Energy and Water Supply (REWAG) have grouped together to conduct research on the use of hydrogen as an energy source with Aurelia Turbines.

The companies have signed a MoU to develop the capability to burn hydrogen fuel in a high efficiency gas turbine for distributed generation applications

“We have been leading the efficiency development with the A400 turbine on natural gas. Now with this team, we can lead on offering the widest possible range of operational fuels in our gas turbine size range,” said Matti Malkamäki, Aurelia’s CEO.

The goal of the recently signed MoU is to meet the demand for cleaner and more sustainable power generation in the future.

“We are confident that our extensive research and development into clean combustor techniques for various fuels, can be applied to the A400. It allows low emission power generation across a variety of hydrogen fuel mixes,” said Dr. Peter Kutne, Head of the Gas Turbines Department of the DLR Institute of Combustion Technology.

Andreas Kruger, Department Manager of REWAG’s energy related services commented, “REWAG offers environmentally friendly solutions for self-generation.”

“This project will add to our tailor-made concepts. Being able to offer a hydrogen fuelled option will truly modernise and optimise our customer’s existing power plants,” Kruger continued.

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