Hydrogen-powered bus set for the Polish city of Konin
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Hydrogen-powered bus set for the Polish city of Konin

Solaris has unveiled today (July 7) that MZK in Konin will be the first public transport operator in Poland to add a hydrogen bus to its fleet.

The contract with Solaris will see the four-year lease of an Urbino 12 hydrogen bus that is propelled with energy derived from hydrogen and will be delivered in 2022.

The Solaris hydrogen-powered bus will have access to the first generally accessible hydrogen refilling station in Poland that is expected to be set up by the end of 2021.

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The Urbino 12 hydrogen possesses all the same advantages of an all-electric bus whilst also guaranteeing an extremely long driving range on a single refill with steam being the only by-product of the energy generation process.

Hydrogen needed to propel the Urbino 12 hydrogen bus will be stored in gaseous form in tanks with a total volume of 1560 litres, mounted on the bus’s roof.

Each bus ordered can carry up to 85 passengers, including 37 people seated.

Passengers will also benefit from a comfortable and safe ride due to air-conditioning throughout the vehicle, CCTV cameras and a modern passenger information system.

Javier Calleja, CEO of Solaris Bus and Coach, said, “We are witnessing an extraordinary moment. It is not that long ago that our company launched the first electric buses on the Polish market; and now we are signing the first contract for the supply of hydrogen-fuelled buses to Konin.

“We have declared on many occasions that we are pioneers of the transformation in public transport in Poland, and today’s event is a testament to that declaration.

“Hydrogen has a strong chance of becoming a backbone of the transformation of public transport transformation in Poland and across Europe.”

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