Hydrogen-powered excavator unveiled for the construction industry

Hydrogen-powered excavator unveiled for the construction industry

Hydrogen-powered excavators are set to hit the heavy construction and earthmoving sector, along with the supporting infrastructure.

CMB.TECH and Luyckx today (August 26) presented what it believes to be a world first development that can also runs on traditional fuels if hydrogen is not available.

As a dual fuel model, the machine can be purchased and put into service today regardless of the fuel preference, however, CMB.TECH has also launched a new mobile hydrogen refueller that can support the vehicle.

Capable of producing up to 600kg of green hydrogen at 350bar, the mobile refuelling station is also suitable for other mobility types, such as for maritime and other industrial applications.

Commenting on the innovations, added, Roy Campe, Chief Technology Officer at CMB.TECH said, “The additional cost of the machines in the sector is rather limited, with the kgs of hydrogen used leading directly to CO₂ reduction.

“As of today, we offer the applications to enable up to eight tonnes of CO₂ reduction per site per day, anywhere in the Benelux, without operational restrictions at the lowest possible cost.”

Jos Luyckx, CEO of Luyckx, added, “Driven by the wishes of our end users and fleet owners, we launched an own initiative feasibility study with regard to possible alternative solutions that help to reduce CO₂ emissions, make the machine park more sustainable and do business in a socially responsible way.

“We have been looking for the right solutions for several years. The challenge was mainly in the area of energy requirements for heavy machinery. Given this vision, the collaboration with CMB.TECH was started in order to convert a 37-tonne excavator to a dual fuel engine, thus taking a first concrete step towards greening the sector.”

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