Hydrogen production plant plans unveiled for Hamm, Germany
© Trianel / Stadtwerke

Hydrogen production plant plans unveiled for Hamm, Germany

Plans for a new hydrogen production plant have been unveiled for Hamm, Germany – and the partnership behind such development want it to be operational by 2024.

Trianel and Stadtwerke recently unveiled its ambition as a means to create green hydrogen from renewable energy and decarbonise Trianel’s operations.

It is believed the plant could be up to 20MW to support hydrogen operations in the city of Hamm and support both its own decarbonisation targets and those of wider Germany.

30 new hydrogen buses and up to 20 waste collection vehicles could potentially benefit from the development which has been dubbed a hydrogen centre by Stadtwerke.

On this Reinhard Bartsch, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Hamm, said, “As a project partner of the hydrogen centre Hamm, we will soon be able to provide climate-neutral solutions ourselves to contribute to climate protection with urban services of local public transport and waste disposal.”

Already, the effort has been recognised by Marc Herter, Lord Mayor of the City of Hamm.

“The Council of the City of Hamm has made it clear that we see the exit from coal power generation in Germany as an opportunity,” Mayor Herter said.

“Hamm’s central location as an energy-related location and as a logistics node allows us to think and implement innovative concepts. Hydrogen will play a special role I this.

“The establishment of the hydrogen centre is an important step towards the development of the hydrogen economy in Hamm.”

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