Hydrogen voted “most attractive” fuel option for shipping industry

Hydrogen voted “most attractive” fuel option for shipping industry

According to a recent servery conducted by the American Burea of Shipping (ABS), shipowners see ammonia and hydrogen as the most attractive fuel options for the long term.

Out of the respondents, nearly 60% voted the two fuels as being the most attractive.

When asked which fuel is most likely to be adopted in the near term, 70% selected fuels in the light gas pathway, which included LNG in the short term and hydrogen as a future solution.

“It is clear that the industry views both hydrogen and ammonia as the long-term destination but sees LNG as having a big role to play in addressing the regulatory challenge immediately in front of us,” says Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Global Sustainability Director.

“These results are in line with the findings in our recently released Low Carbon Shipping Outlook. Based on the fuel pathways that we have identified and can shape the future of marine propulsion, hydrogen and ammonia are solutions that are expected to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in the long term.”

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