Hydrogen Working Group formed to focus on green hydrogen from wind power

Hydrogen Working Group formed to focus on green hydrogen from wind power

German energy companies WAB and H2BX have joined forces to set up a new Hydrogen Working Group to focus on green hydrogen from wind power in Germany.

Last week WAB and H2BX held the first joint working group meeting where the two companies signed a cooperation agreement solidifying their commitment.

During the meeting, Claas Schott, Chairmain of H2BX, said, “It is a very good sign that many representatives of different companies from both networks met here today.”

“During the meeting, the willingness to cooperate on a supra-regional level in order to tap the potential for the entire North German region became clear.”

30 participants attended the meeting to discuss future objectives, topics and challenges for the newly formed Hydrogen Working Group.


Heike Winkler, WAB Managing Director, commented, “We are pleased that many representatives from the region who deal with wind power and hydrogen we able to participate.”

“Together with the participants from industry and research, we want to establish a results-orientated exchange to platform in the context of wind power. The start and future tasks are promising. With regard to hydrogen production, it is once again clear that more wind energy is needed on land and at sea.”

Annette Schimmel, Project Manager for the Green Economy project said, “The Bremerhaven Economic Development Agency is currently systematically developing the topic of hydrogen.”

“The further development and expansion of the wind energy value chain can create new jobs at the location, which have been lost due to market conditions due to the reduction of the expansion targets for wind energy at sea.”

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