Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates established to rapidly scale hydrogen in the UAE

Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates established to rapidly scale hydrogen in the UAE

With the UAE set to become a key region for hydrogen technologies, Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies has partnered with ESCO to expand its presence in Abu Dhabi.

To achieve this, Hydrogenious has established a new Middle Eastern branch dubbed Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates that will work to build out hydrogen infrastructure in the UAE that will see the joint venture develop benchmark projects with regional partners.

This could see the implementation of the company’s liquid organic hydrogen carrier to establish a supply chain for projects in the region.

This will significantly build upon the current project pipeline in the UAE with the region aiming to become a powerhouse for hydrogen generation with its abundance of renewable energy sources and strategic location.

Dr. Andreas Lehmann, CEO of Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates, said, “Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates wants to source low-cost sustainable hydrogen from on-site and establish efficient LOHC-based supply chains for and to the predestined hydrogen demand countries worldwide.

“Among them will be Germany as key market of course, as it fits perfectly into the H2Global set-up. But we are also thinking about energy intensive destinations such as in Japan and South Korea.”

Karim Attie, CEO of ESCO and Managing Partner at Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates, said, “Hydrogen momentum in Middle East is significantly increasing, leading to LOHC lighthouse project opportunities to form consortia for intercontinental hydrogen transportation.

“Hydrogenious’ proprietary and ingenious LOHC technology allows for now establishing sustainable hydrogen value chains globally and ESCO stands for thinking outside the barrel.

“The engagement in the joint venture with the German Hydrogenious LOHC Technology is not only proof point for this but will also be a strong driver to unleash the power of hydrogen in the Arab world.”

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