HyperSolar celebrates 1000 hour hydrogen production milestone

HyperSolar celebrates 1000 hour hydrogen production milestone

HyperSolar, Inc., a developer of renewable hydrogen technology using sunlight and any source of water, has announced that the stability test of its fully integrated hydrogen production device has surpassed 1000 hours.

The device will serve as the foundation of the company’s first-generation commercial renewable hydrogen generator.

HyperSolar has focused on increasing the stability of the proprietary all-in-one hydrogen production device, working toward the 1000-hour target, since 2018.

“This is a landmark achievement for our research team,” said Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar.

“This step brings us considerably closer to being able to produce hydrogen panels for our pilot plant, referenced in previous announcements.”

“Furthermore, as we finalise work on other elements of the device, we will continue to improve the panel’s stability performance without compromising the hydrogen production efficiency, which will, in turn, reduce the cost of the hydrogen even further. We are very encouraged by this progress,” Young concluded.

The stability test was conducted under continuous simulated peak sunlight illumination by the research team at the University of Lowa.

The solar cell at the core of the hydrogen panel remained operational after the completion of the stability test however, the hydrogen production rate began to decrease after 600 hours.

The components integrated on the device were identified to be the cause of the deteriorating device performance. HyperSolar is currently improving the device components to remain stable for longer periods of operational time.

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