HyperSolar partners with Cascadia to develop hydrogen technologies

HyperSolar partners with Cascadia to develop hydrogen technologies

HyperSolar, Inc., a California-based developer of renewable hydrogen technology, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Cascadia Energy Technologies.

Through the agreement, HyperSolar and Cascadia Energy Technologies will focus on prospective renewable energy projects, and HyerSolar’s on-going business development.

“Our collaboration with Cascadia is meant to be a long-term association,” said Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar.

“We share common values and objectives in the production of green energy, with a specific focus on green hydrogen.”

“In the short term, Cascadia will help us find sites for our pilot plants. And in the longer term, we believe that their team will be of great help in proliferating our technologies.”

“Their contacts and outside relationships will bolster the commercial side of our business.”

“With the impending production of working panels of Gen 1 technology, we approach the point at which we are very interested in connecting with organisations who will be in need of our technology for their distributed hydrogen requirements.”

“We believe that our association with Cascadia will help accelerate that process.”

Management of the parties also anticipates that Cascadia will be able to identify site for HyperSolar’s Gen 1 demonstration units.

“We are excited about the opportunity of working with HyperSolar and helping to promote what we believe will be a game changing technology in the world of truly green energy,” said John Gentile, President of Cascadia.

“With our commercial connections, we can help HyperSolar get to revenue more quickly than may otherwise be possible.”

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