HyStarter competition winners announced at f-cell

HyStarter competition winners announced at f-cell

The nine winning regions of the HyStarter competition have been announced today at f-cell, one of the oldest international hydrogen and fuel cell trade events.

The conference’s first speaker Thorsten Herbert, Divisional Head of Transport and Infrastructure at National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW), revealed the news this morning in Stuttgart, Germany.

Kiel, Rügen-Stralsund, Country of Schaumburg, Lusatia, Weimar, Country of Marbug, Neustadt an der Waldnaab, Reutlingen and Allgäu, were all named winning regions of the project which will provide support to develop a hydrogen concept and a network of actors.

The challenges for each region in developing hydrogen concepts were varied and divided into seven categories:

  • Coastal land and wind energy (Rügen-Stralsund)
  • Structural change and energy (Lusatia)
  • Industry and automobile (Reutlingen)
  • Metropolitan region and mobility (Kiel)
  • Education and knowledge transfer (Weimar and Marburg)
  • Medium-sized regions (County of Allgäu and Schaumburg)
  • Border region and European interconnection (Neustadt an der Waldnaab)

Copyright: NOW GmbH

The project is funded from the budget of the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP). NOW will coordinate the programme and be responsible for the project.

The project sparked of 138 expressions of interests and over 85 applications submitted applications.

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