Hyundai Heavy Industries reiterates its commitment to developing hydrogen solutions for next generation shipping

Hyundai Heavy Industries reiterates its commitment to developing hydrogen solutions for next generation shipping

With hydrogen continuing to pave the way for a low carbon society in the future, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has reiterated its commitment to developing hydrogen-based solutions for the maritime sector.

Speaking at a press conference for international press, HHI revealed several innovative hydrogen solutions that will be utilised to enhance the shipbuilder’s operations and pave the way for the next generation of shipping.

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At the press conference, HHI Group introduced Avikus’ autonomous navigation technology, liquid hydrogen transport and propulsion system technology, and intelligent robotics and solution technology as the Group’s innovative technologies that will lead the three core businesses of shipbuilding & offshore engineering, energy, and industrial machinery in the future.

In placing an emphasis on developing liquid hydrogen transport, it could be a revelation for the market and help grow the overall value chain for hydrogen.

This is in fact another aim of HHI with the company additionally presenting the maritime hydrogen value chain as a solution to the energy crisis and climate change.

HHI said green hydrogen production technology and liquid hydrogen carrier will be core technologies that will increase the possibility of the marine hydrogen business.

With this, HHI Group plans to build a 100MW green hydrogen production plant and develop the world’s first 20,000 cubic meter hydrogen carrier by 2025.

Clearly with the emphasis HHI is placing on developing hydrogen solutions for the maritime sector, major developments over the course of the next few years are expected and could send ripples throughout the industry.

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