Hyundai opens exhibition dedicated to hydrogen

Hyundai opens exhibition dedicated to hydrogen

Hydrogen Council member Hyundai Motor Group yesterday unveiled its vision for a global hydrogen society through an exhibition hall dedicated to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and related technologies in Shanghai, China.

Hyundai Hydrogen World, located at the centre of Century Square, enables visitors to see, experience and understand how the future global hydrogen society can be ushered in by the safe, eco-friendly and efficient energy.

It features a variety of displays and programmes, including an air-purifying demonstration on a 2019 Nexo fuel cell electric vehicle, a model Nexo showing its internal mechanical parts, as well as gallaries and spaces containing hydrogen-related information.

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Visitors can experience and learn about future mobility technologies and services, particularly how hydrogen contributes to the sustainable economic and social development of China and the world.

“Through the Hyundai Hydrogen World, we aim to spread understanding of our technological competence and vision for a global hydrogen society, which we have uniquely accumulated over the years,” said Byungho Lee, President of Hyundai Motor Group (China).

“Hyundai Motor Group will actively respond to the Chinese Government’s new energy development policy and plans to provide information related to the fuel cell electric vehicle to a wider Chinese audience.”

The opening ceremony yesterday was attended by officials from the United Nations Development Program, automotive engineering schools in China and local media.

Hyundai Motor Group expects the venue to act as a magnet for rousing public interest and thus facilitate the promotion of its hydrogen vision and related technologies.

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Particularly in China, which is the world’s largest electric vehicle market, Hyundai Motor Group aims to gain the first mover advantage in the growing hydrogen economy, and recover its recent slowdown in sales.

The zone dedicated to the future hydrogen society plays a moving image clip explaining how fuel cell electric technology is used in diverse home and industrial settings, such as hydrogen production and refuelling, autonomous driving, electricity generation and solar energy.

To strengthen its worldwide leadership in hydrogen, Hyundai Motor Group announced the FCEV Vision 2030, which outlines how the group plans to bring about a global hydrogen society with technologies beyond the transportation sector.

Hyundai aims to establish an annual production system for 500 thousand FCEVs by 2030.

Hyundai Hydrogen World is open to the public from 26th August to 8th September.

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