Hyundai’s luxury vehicle brand ‘Genesis’ will use fuel cells and batteries to achieve zero-emissions by 2030
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Hyundai’s luxury vehicle brand ‘Genesis’ will use fuel cells and batteries to achieve zero-emissions by 2030

With an increasing urgency to strive for a more sustainable future, Hyundai’s luxury car brand Genesis Motors has revealed its vehicles will be powered by batteries and hydrogen fuel cells by 2030.

This is part of a target to be a 100% zero-emission vehicle brand by 2030 with the additional aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

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With the mobility sector striving to achieve zero-emission as soon as possible, Genesis has identified both fuel cell and battery technology as a means to support the decarbonisation of the transportation sector.

To this end, all of Genesis’ new vehicles from 2025 will be all electric with an initial focus on a dual electrification strategy that involves hydrogen fuel cell and battery EV’s.

Genesis will also look to develop pure electric technologies, such as new fuel cell systems with higher power output, to help support the efficiency and appeal of the luxury brands vehicles.

The EV line-up is expected to consist of eight models and are expected to reach global sales of 400,000 units per year.

Jay Chang, Global Head of Genesis, said, “I am extremely excited to announce the new vision of Genesis for a sustainable future as we open a new chapter in our history.

“As we continue to design a new dimension of customer experience and build an authentic relationship with our customers, Genesis will take audacious steps to lead the age of electrification into the sustainable future.”

Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Creative Officer of Genesis, said, “Our new electric lineup is the perfect platform to increase our interface with our customers.

“We aim to interact with all their senses. Our new architecture will integrate audacious technologies with breathtaking designs while providing sincere detail-oriented experiences. Warm and exquisite care will be our differentiator.”

Hyundai: Leading the way for hydrogen-powered SUVs in the US

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Offering the only hydrogen-powered SUV in the US market, Hyundai Motor Company prides itself in its commitment to clean energy and fuel cell stack technology.

Hyundai started its commitment to hydrogen around 21 years ago, right at the turn of the century, and since that point the vehicle manufacturer has not looked back.

The NEXO, Hyundai’s latest fuel cell vehicle offering, was launched in 2019 and has since taken the Californian market by storm, with approximately 400-500 units running in the sunshine state right now.

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