Hyve consortium aims to create green hydrogen value chain in Belgium

Hyve consortium aims to create green hydrogen value chain in Belgium

Several industrial pioneers in the Flemish region in Belgium have joined forces to invest in the production of green hydrogen today (May 28).

The Hyve consortium aims to produce cost-efficient green hydrogen at gigawatt level as a means to put the region in the driving seat for deployment of a hydrogen economy and to support the transition towards carbon neutral industry in the EU.

By bringing together players from across the value chain, the consortium hopes to achieve this ambitious goal by several different means.

It is noted that this will be achieved by merging expertise in developing new components for electrolysis, with material suppliers, integration companies that will integrate the new components into its electrolysers and companies that will use this innovative infrastructure to generate green hydrogen.

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Flemish research centres imec and VITO will leverage its knowledge to boost the efficiency of the electrolysis-technology whereas Bekaert, supplier of Metallic Porous Transport Layers for electrolysis, will supply the appropriate materials.

John Cockerill, a leader in the production of alkaline electrolysers will integrate the results into its production whilst DEME will aim to use the novel electrolysers to convert wind and solar energy into green hydrogen and derived green products.

The final company, Colruyt Group, will support research applications for sustainable transport with the group already running a hydrogen filling station, testing hydrogen-powered forklifts as well as the first heavy-duty trucks.

Luc Vandenbulcke, CEO of DEME Group, said, “In line with its vision to provide solutions for a sustainable future, DEME is proud to participate in Hyve, a project in which partners along the value chain jointly develop a novel green hydrogen technology.

“This initiative complements and reinforces DEME’s ongoing efforts towards solving global challenges, like reduction of CO2 emissions, and is fully aligned with its strategic objectives.”

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