Hyzon Motors launches leasing service for hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles in Europe

Hyzon Motors launches leasing service for hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles in Europe

Hyzon Motors is set to kickstart Europe’s hydrogen-powered truck market with the introduction of a new leasing service for fleet operators across the European Union (EU).

Announcing the news today (31st March), the new service is expected to include hydrogen fuel, insurance, service and maintenance for Hyzon and Hyzon-branded vehicles.

It is thought that this leasing service will be used by European companies as a means to fast track the transition of its fleets to hydrogen in addition to showcasing its qualities to potential industries across the EU.

Hyzon said it represents the first step in the development of a holistic fleet leasing offering for the European market.

A statement from Hyzon Motors also revealed the company’s intention to establish itself as a hydrogen heavy mobility category leader, hoping to play a significant role in the EU’s transition to hydrogen energy through its manufacturing base in Groningen, Netherlands.

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Craig Knight, CEO of Hyzon, said, “We are excited to be able to offer this leasing service to our customers in Europe, and to support fleet operators in making the switch to hydrogen.”

“This leasing service aims to offer the quickest possible pathway for our customers to make the transition to zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy vehicles that can go toe-to-toe with diesel engines on both costs and refuelling time.”

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In addition to this, Hyzon also outlined its intention to be among the first companies to supply customers with a fuel cell truck at total cost of ownership (TCO) parity with diesel-powered commercial vehicles in Europe.

With its alliance with multiple hydrogen infrastructure partners, Hyzon expects to help its customers achieve TCO parity.

Hyzon has sensed the opportunity to establish these projects following the momentum building behind hydrogen across Europe with the region expected to roll out hydrogen mobility worldwide.

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