IBE, Port Anthony Renewables unveil plans to make Victoria a hydrogen powerhouse

IBE, Port Anthony Renewables unveil plans to make Victoria a hydrogen powerhouse

A new joint venture partnership between Infinite Blue Energy (IBE) and Port Anthony Renewables will develop and construct Australia’s first independently owned commercial large-scale hydrogen production facility on the country’s East Coast.

Set to be located in Port Anthony in Victoria, the new joint venture, Arrowsmith Southeast, will take forward and develop the project.

“Our vision is to establish IBE as a leader in the green hydrogen sector and elevate Australia on the global stage by demonstrating the country has the technology, skills and entrepreneurial mindset to be ahead of the pack in the development of green hydrogen projects,” IBE’s Managing Director Stephen Gauld said.

“We are establishing projects and partnerships and are extraordinarily pleased to announce this joint venture with Port Anthony Renewables. In addition to focusing on the export markets we believe that the initial offtakes will focus on facilitating the decarbonisation of the road and freight networks.”

“This project links our foundation work at Arrowsmith (WA) and fuses the national heavy freight networks and developments in Western Australia with the transport network in Victoria.”

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Victoria has all the right elements for establishing a renewable hydrogen economy – solar, wind, hydroelectricity, education, deep water port, initial hydrogen technology cluster, freight route and gas and electricity networks.

The Australian state’s plans to establish a thriving renewable hydrogen industry were set out in a new blueprint unveiled in February.

The Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan lays the foundations for an emerging Victorian renewable hydrogen industry, connecting the state’s economy to renewable hydrogen opportunities that bring new jobs and investment, spur economic growth and innovation in new energy technologies, and drive forward the clean energy transition.

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Port Anthony Executive Director Ben Anthony added, “Through this exciting partnership with IBE, the Arrowsmith Southeast project will be renowned as a global industry leading showcase – our hydrogen activities represent what is essentially a new age handover – from traditional high carbon industry to technologically advanced, decarbonised green sustainability.”

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