IEA: Hydrogen to play a large and varied role in achieving net-zero targets

IEA: Hydrogen to play a large and varied role in achieving net-zero targets

The international Energy Agency (IEA) yesterday published its Energy Technology Perspectives 2020 report, stating that hydrogen will clearly have a role to play in decarbonising industries where the direct use of electricity would be challenging.

IEA stated that a major effort to develop and deploy clean technologies worldwide is urgently needed to meet international energy and climate goals, particularly in areas beyond the power sector such as transport, building and industry.

Dr. Faith Birol, the IEA’s Executive Director, said, “Despite the difficulties caused by the covid-19 crisis, several recent developments give us grounds for increasing optimism about the world’s ability to accelerate clean energy transitions and reach its energy and climate goals.”

The report explains that hydrogen is expected to play a large and varied role in helping the world reach its net-zero target by forming an important bridge between the power sector and industries.

In the IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario – a pathway for reaching international energy and climate goals – the global capacity of electrolysers, which produces hydrogen from water and electric, expands to 3,300-gigawatts in 2080, from 0.3-gigawatts today. In 2070, these electrolysers consume twice the amount of electricity that China generates today.

The IEA’s Energy Technology Perspectives 2020 report analysed more than 800 different technology options to assess what would need to happen to reach net-zero emission by 2070, while ensure a resilient and secure energy system.

According to the report, Governments need to play an outsized role in accelerating clean energy transitions towards meeting international goals.

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