Innovative hydrogen project completes studies for hydrogen production from offshore wind

Innovative hydrogen project completes studies for hydrogen production from offshore wind

The innovative BEHYOND project is set to continue showcasing the viability of offshore green hydrogen production having finished the technical and economic feasibility for the concept.

With this, the concept project aims to generate green hydrogen from wind produced offshore and the feasibility study studied various configurations for an offshore hydrogen production module coupled with offshore wind farms.

Should this project be further developed it could prove to be a key and influential aspect in building the hydrogen economy in Europe.

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With the abundance of energy that offshore wind farms can produce, harnessing this energy to generate green hydrogen could be a fundamental manner to ensure enough hydrogen is available for companies to decarbonise.

This study offers a strategic assessment of the creation of an offshore wind-hydrogen market, which could make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the planet.

The first phase of the project concluded that economic viability will be achieved once the green hydrogen industry and value chain reach a stage of maturity, as well as with the help of investment from companies that are positioning themselves in the hydrogen market, complemented by innovation support funds.

Another way to improve this economic viability is to provide incentives that will help the industry accelerate the decarbonisation process, thus increasing the demand for renewable energy.

By continuing to explore the viability of hydrogen production from offshore wind, the acceleration of this innovative production method could see vast amounts of hydrogen entering global markets.

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