Intelligent Energy partners with Hogreen Air and Edison Motors to integrate hydrogen fuel cells in South Korea
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Intelligent Energy partners with Hogreen Air and Edison Motors to integrate hydrogen fuel cells in South Korea

Intelligent Energy has partnered with Hogreen Air and Edison Motors to expand the hydrogen fuel cell market for automotive applications within South Korea, the company revealed today (Nov 19).

Formalised with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU), the three companies will focus on integrating Intelligent Energy’s hydrogen fuel cell range into a range of Edison vehicles as well as support Hogreen Air’s collaboration with Edison on unmanned aerial vehicles.

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In doing so, South Korea could receive a huge boost to its hydrogen capabilities by increasing the number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road and transitioning the transportation sector away from fossil fuel reliance.

Intelligent Energy said that, with favourable policies supporting the use of hydrogen and fuel cells, South Korea is one of the most exciting locations to deploy fuel cell vehicles.

The nation is also facilitating the surge in hydrogen vehicle popularity by rapidly expanding its refuelling capabilities.

Mike Freer MP, the UK Minister for Exports said, “I spent last week in Korea promoting the opportunities for collaboration which exist in renewable energy. I am delighted, therefore, to hear of this exciting agreement between Intelligent Energy, Edison Motors and Hogreen Air.”

Greg Harris, Sales Director at Intelligent Energy said, “Intelligent Energy is very proud to be co-operating with such an ambitious and innovative company as Edison Motors.

“The recently confirmed acquisition of SsangYong Motors demonstrates the scale of that ambition, and we look forward to bringing our high-power fuel cell technology to Edison’s growing vehicle range.

“It’s also great to further expand our existing relationship with Hogreen Air, building on our existing programmes for fuel cell drones and UPS systems.”

Jun-seong Weon, Director of Edison Motors said, “I hope the partnership between the three companies this time makes good results in various motive industries and contributions to the development of hydrogen industry in South Korea.”

Intelligent Energy: Developing compact, competitively priced products

© Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy (IE) is a UK fuel cell engineering company focused on the development and manufacturing of fuel cell products, for customers in the automotive, motive, stationary, MHE and UAV sectors. Fuel cells are used in multiple applications, where clean, lightweight, high efficiency and cost-effective power is required.

In the past few years, IE has focused on developing compact, competitively priced products across power ranges from 650W to 120kW. In recent weeks, the company has also shared its plans for the aerospace sector with its IE-FlightTM range of stacks and scalable power modules providing outputs of 140kW and 250kW. The company’s fuel cells are smaller, lighter, and less complex, ultimately providing a roadmap to the lowest cost fuel cells.

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