IRENA and the Hydrogen Council team up in landmark deal

IRENA and the Hydrogen Council team up in landmark deal

Two heavyweights of the hydrogen sphere, the Hydrogen Council and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), have teamed up to exchange knowledge around the clean energy carrier of tomorrow.

The Hydrogen Council, with a diverse network of over 120 global member companies, will collaborate with IRENA to provide data and best practices for electrolysers, policy frameworks, market design, certification systems, and technical and safety standards.

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In doing so, the members of the Hydrogen Council will gain valuable insight into operations regarding hydrogen development, both in production and distribution, that can be used to accelerate global adoption.

As well as this, the agreement will look to support IRENA with the Hydrogen Council providing complementary strengths and communities to achieve the Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen.

Areas of this goal include a global knowledge database for green hydrogen, a nexus between electrolysers and renewable power, and applicability and relevance of hydrogen in small markets.

Francesco La Camera, Director-General of IRENA, said, “IRENA’s World Energy Transitions Outlook makes it clear that we have to urgently step-up action on all fronts of the energy transition to achieve our climate and sustainable development goals.

“Green hydrogen is a critical pillar for decarbonising energy systems.

“With today’s agreement we will significantly increase knowledge exchange and international co-operation and coordinated action in this space.”

Daryl Wilson, Executive Director of the Hydrogen Council, said, “We are united by a shared vision for hydrogen as the enabler for faster and greater integration of renewable capacity, as well as greater cost-efficiency and optimisation at energy system level.

“The Council’s Hydrogen, Scaling Up report shows the key role of clean hydrogen produced through different low-carbon pathways in delivering deep decarbonisation while providing the necessary flexibility and resilience for our energy systems.

“Public-private collaboration with partners such as IRENA is critical to making this profound transformation happen.

“We look forward to this next chapter of our partnership and accelerating the transition to net zero together.”

H2 View in conversation with… The Hydrogen Council

For Pierre-Etienne Franc, Co-Secretary of the Hydrogen Council, continued safety and bringing down cost are two things required to develop the global hydrogen market.

He made the comments during H2 View’s latest webinar, H2 View in conversation with… The Hydrogen Council, hosted by H2 View Managing Editor Rob Cockerill, and powered by gasworld TV.

“A safety issue would be very detrimental to the sector and to the need to deploy it at scale,” Franc said. “We need to continue to be very stringent in the way we operate, qualify, develop, certify, suppliers and all the industry.”

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